Virtual Ads

Automated Boost has created new ad types that support virtual tours and virtual open house events. These are a great way to attract new and existing clients, and a way to demonstrate you are ready to help them while we practice social distancing.


Virtual Open House

Virtual Open House Ads allow you to promote your online showing to drive event attendance. Automated Boost landing pages even include an event registration option, allowing you to build your sphere.

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Matterport Virtual Tour

Promote a Matterport through Virtual Tour Ads. These ads allow you to direct new and existing clients to your 3D showcase. They also provide you the option to set-up a lead capture using a gated landing page.

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Video Virtual Tour

Showcase your custom listing video with Virtual Tour Ads. These allow new and existing clients to virtually view the home. They also give you the option to set-up a lead capture using gated landing pages.

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Common Questions

What's the difference between virtual tours and virtual open houses?

Virtual Open Houses and Virtual Tours are similar, but have distinct differences:

  • Virtual open houses are virtual showings, such as those through Zoom or Facebook Live, that are attended by many prospective buyers.
  • Virtual tours are digital showcases displayed as videos or 3D Matterports that highlight the best features of a property.
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What is a virtual open house event?

Virtual Open Houses, such as through Zoom and Facebook Live, are a way to host an online event that is attended by prospective buyers from the comfort of their home.

We recommend leveraging these remote events during times of social distancing, or when you want to reach people who may not be close enough to the listing to attend in person.

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How do I set-up a virtual open house event?

Virtual Open Houses can be created easily through platforms such as Zoom and Facebook Live. Automated Boost has taken the time to outline step-by-step instructions for you.

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What happens when someone clicks on my Virtual Tour or Virtual Open House ad?

Those who click on your Virtual Open House or Virtual Tour ad will be sent to a landing page:

Landing Page for Virtual Tour

  • Features embedded or linked virtual tour that visitors can watch.

Landing Page for Virtual Open House

    • Features countdown to open house live event
    • Includes ability for visitors to register for your event (and an automatic follow-up sent to registrants); this follow-up includes an email with event details, a calendar invite, and (if the registrant provides a phone number) a text alert.

If you’d prefer, you can also skip these landing pages completely and link to a different website of your choosing.

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Should I use Zoom or Facebook Live for Virtual Open Houses?

We suggest Zoom. Unlike Facebook Live, Zoom allows you:

  • To collect or require attendee contact information
  • To reliably track comments and conduct Q&As
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What's the difference between gated and ungated landing pages?

Gated landing pages require anyone clicking the ad to complete a form to view the virtual tour. Meanwhile, ungated landing pages do not have lead captures, allowing you to promote your virtual showcase to the widest audience possible.

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How much do virtual ads cost?

Virtual Ad pricing is consistent with existing Automated Boost display ads. Virtual Open House ads start at $33, and Virtual Tour ads start at $49.

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