As we experience the great divide, The UCR® One Client at a Time, 360 Approach is your solution to ultimate client engagement.

In this self-guided class, you will learn how to engage with each client in a 360 approach, using various resources to elevate your relationships.

Check out the supplemental resources below!

Ultimate Personal Engagement:

  • In-person when appropriate
  • Phone/Text/Social Media
  • Direct Message FaceTime (Apple) / Duo (Android)
  • Retargeting for Boost Ads (Social proof )

Zoom Consultation Real Estate Update:

Annual Connection:

  • Home Anniversary
  • Birthdays
  • Special Event (graduation, birth, change)

Ultimate Video Live

  • FaceTime (Apple) / Duo (Android)
  • Social Media Video / Video Live (FB, IN & LI)
  • BombBomb (one to one / one to many)

Weekly/Monthly Video Content

Ultimate Social Media

Boost Ads:

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